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  • Maarten Russchen Band
  • The Stream 
  • The Dutch
King Play Music is an independent marketing and business company which was originally founded in 2008.
Helping young artist to get ahead by building a dedicated network in the music industry and giving them a stage to perform some of today’s most established artists started of their career aided by Roelie van Lingen, founder of King Play Music.
King Play Music helps their artists to market and brand their creative brainchild and communicate this to a wider audience through our powerful pr-methods which connect to national radio- and t.v.
King Play Music enable their artists to develop their artistic and professional career by creating new goals and possibilities. Through their own productions and booking agency and by connecting them to external partners such as labels, publishers, producers and prominent players in the field. With over 10 years of experience we are known for our fine ear for discovering new talent and our commitment to their artists and bands.


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  • Soort: Bands, Artiesten
  • Provincie: Overijssel
  • Muziek voor een: Kroeg, Popfestival, Rockfestival


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